Thursday, March 10, 2022

Why did we travel almost 2000 miles to see a total eclipse?

 Why did we travel almost 2000 miles to see a total eclipse?

All my life I've loved science fiction movies with amazing special effects. Yesterday I stood on a field with a few hundred people as it gradually got dark in the middle of the day. I watched through heavy sunglasses as the sun became a crescent and then slipped away completely. The temperature dropped 12 degrees in a few minutes. Then I took off the glasses and stared at a giant black hole in the sky. I felt like I was on another planet. The horizons looked like sunset –  in every direction. Then, just when the sun had surrendered, it reannounced itself with an explosive "diamond ring" effect that said "Fun's over, folks. Put your glasses back on or you'll regret it!"

Seeing this event with a crowd of people was surreal and awe-inspiring. It made me think about a universe or god that enables an incredible cosmic coincidence where ONLY ON OUR PLANET do the sun and the moon have the same apparent size. The eclipse made me laugh and cry. It was otherworldly and surreal. For 2 minutes I got to be on a different planet! Better than any special effect ever.

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